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Torchmasters: The Old World by vikonaut Torchmasters: The Old World by vikonaut
NOTE: This isn't related to my mlp fic, if that's what brought you here.

Map of the other side of the great sea: [link]

I made this map a long time ago for a novel idea I never started intend to start next year. You might notice a few familiarities with maps I've recently done.

I never finished this map, but I'm still fond of it.

The old world was meant to be a continent its inhabitants escaped from a millennium before the events of the novel, after their people were purged from the land by an strange new enemy.

But the passage across the great sea was more costly then they'd ever imagine. And for that reason they were confident that their enemy wouldn't follow.
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aleksejdj Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Do you still check in here.
becuse I remember seeing this 2011
and to never found the fimfic for it.
ThorirPP1619 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
can you make an equestria version of Iceland. PLEASE! Pretty Pleeaaasse!
Sorross Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
i did a rarther fast fuseing of the two maps you can find it here [link]
CybertronikPony Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm off to Emeralda to conduct some diplomatic business. For reasons beyond my knowledge, I must go alone. And I have packed up the latest technological gear to transport me there and back. There is also a secret atmospheric jet stream that only my kind knows about, so I can cross the landscape faster than the speed of sound! (It's rumored that Rainbow Dash performed triple sonic rainbooms in that same stream.) If you don't hear from me in a month, send Spike! (He looks like this: [link])

Squadala! I'm off!
CybertronikPony Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
N01 Nothing is here to be seen. The place is deserted... and creepy. And quiet... Too quiet.
N02 The fog hangs low across the landscape like a thick blanket. Shadows pierce through the mist.
N03 The time is 14:25, yet no hint of sunlight is present. Had the sky really fallen down?
N04 As I trot through the darkness, the frigid humid air sends shivers down my wings.
N05 I have just departed from the Embassy of Vircronia, located in the heart of Emistria.
N06 They were strange creatures unlike any I have seen before.
N07 Their wings were lined with silver embossed with turquoise, glowing in a hue indescribable.
N08 Their scales were metallic in nature, yet flexible enough to dispel even the strongest notion of such material's properties.
N09 They gleamed in the brilliance of their own light, illuminating their presence from every angle.
N10 Formidable beings they were, with fangs and claws sharp enough to dig clean through 15 pounds of smoked griffon meat.
N11 They were about 6 feet in height when standing, their tails adding an additional 8 feet in length.
N12 Their wingspan is almost 30 feet wide. I felt belittled to have been born with feathered wings.
N13 - text break -
N14 The diplomacy was frank. They wanted to establish a rift portal in the outskirts of Fillydelphia to facilitate trading.
N15 They knew me from my frequent appearances in their world.
N16 I had travelled to many places in the golden years of my folly young age.
N17 I landed in theirs when I was no younger than 11.
N18 They presumed I was just another visitor, not unlike those who simply come and go.
N19 But they began to take notice when I came around time and time again.
N20 Soon, both species were met in mutual recognition.
N21 I introduced my world of Equestria to them, and they introduced theirs to mine.
N22 - text break -
N23 Their technology far exceeds ours.
N24 While we are only capable of creating skyscrapers anchored to the ground, they could levitate entire cities in the air.
N25 They could manufacture their own sunlight, harvest it, and recycle it through their own biological systems.
N26 They had machines that could catalyze synergies that would otherwise take at least an exasecond to occur naturally.
N27 Such advancements made it possible for their civilization to expand to nearly anywhere imaginable.
N28 Their arrival in Koncordia was greeted with unexpected reception from the native population.
N29 The natives discharged weaponry at the visitors, mistaking them for another species.
N30 The Vircronian Army were faced with a task to put down the hostility.
N31 But despite their efforts, the natives refused to settle on agreements.
N32 Weeks passed, and the Democracy was apprehensive about the imminent situation of overpopulation in their homeland.
N33 They had to expand, but no other worlds were hospitable for their kind.
N34 Without a compromise in sight, the Vircronians were left with only one choice to keep their people alive:
N35 Collapse the Koncordian Force Dome.
N36 The natives were issued a final warning of what was to come if they continue to resist.
N37 Only a few listened, and out of 16 billion ships, only a thousand set sail.
N38 The "cowards" were scorned by the natives, who continued to fight.
N39 But later that day, the prophecy came true.
N40 The Vircronians implanted their instruments on top of the dome that long defended the natives.
N41 The pride of the Koncordians was shattered.
N42 What was once thought to be impenetrable was cracked.
N43 Particles of alloys and beams rained down on the resistance, wiping out the entire population.
N44 Their cities were flattened in a matter of minutes.
N45 What they built to protect them failed to serve its purpose in the end.
N46 No word was heard from those who were lucky to escape before the tragedy happened.
N47 - text break -
N48 The fog hangs low across the landscape like a thick blanket, as it had been ever since that day.
N49 The light generator that the natives once used now lie shattered in the heart of the crater.
N50 It used to hang from the ceiling of their dome. But no more.
N51 Darkness now hangs in the air.
N52 I trot across the desert of ash and sand, passing ancient structures that jut out from the ground.
N53 They cast behind eerie shadows as they recede into the mist.
N54 The diplomacy had been settled between me and the Embassy.
N55 A trading post will be created in the Everfree Forest, connected by the river that passes through Fillydelphia.
N56 The mayors have agreed on this decision.
N57 As a messenger, I relayed the proposals between the two governments.
N58 As a representative, I took the honor of taking their place while they were dealing with other issues at home.
N59 Happy emotions were delivered in the end.
N60 Fillydelphia will be able to become a prominent trading center once more.
N61 The Vircronian Democracy will be able to receive supplies from a sustainable source to survive.
N62 Such was what both parties had anticipated, and it will be implemented within a few weeks.
N63 Peace is finally reassured, and my work here is done.
N64 - text break -
N65 I turn my head forward, intent on getting back to my fair country.
N66 I have to catch the jet stream before it passes over the land again.
N67 If I miss it, I will be stuck here for 2 months until the stream returns.
N68 That's 2 months in this dreadful environment.
N69 But I am resolved to make it. This is my only chance, my only hope.
N70 Fillydelphia, I'm coming home.
N71 This is Melissa, signing out.
Charanty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Also i think you need to put both old and new world maps together.
vikonaut Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
I could've, but I made them both a couples months apart. But I've long since abandoned that project, so I don't think I'll work on it again. Sorry :(
Charanty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Well, you can always return to it later if right now you are into something else.
vikonaut Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Oh certainly! I might just do a bunch of short stories for it, instead of the novel it was going to be.
Charanty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Also good)
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